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Administration Team

EMS Chief Matthew Feeney

Chief Feeney started his career in EMS in 1997 as a Dunn County 1st Responder.  He then obtained his EMT-B license and worked intercity EMS in Milwaukee and for the city of Grafton before returning to Dunn County.  He continued to run as a 1st Responder and worked for both Colfax Rescue and the Elk Mound Fire District. In 2005 he was assigned as the Director of the Dunn County 1st Responders as part of his full time duties with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office. In the summer of 2010 he was hired as the EMS Chief for Boyceville Community Ambulance Service. Under his leadership, Boyceville EMS transitioned from a volunteer service to a full time paid EMS service and transitioned from the Village owned service to the District owned service known as the Boyceville Community Ambulance District. He is licensed to the Advanced EMT level of care.

Captain Tessa Feeney

Captain Feeney started her EMS career with Boyceville as an EMT- Basic in 2004.  She was appointed to the position of Captain in the fall of 2010. During a portion of that time she also worked for Colfax rescue as an EMT-IT.  She is in charge of scheduling team members for work, and making sure that all reports and paperwork are up to date.  She works closely with all of the team members to make sure the department is running smoothly.  She is a direct contact for the team members if they have any questions or concerns. Her leadership has been instrumental in transitioning from a volunteer service to the paid full time service that we currently operate. Captain Feeney works full time at Mayo Menomonie as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the Emergency Room, and she is licensed to the Advanced EMT level of care.

Captain Andy Kissh

Captain Kissh started working for Boyceville in 2011 as an EMT- Basic.  In 2012 was appoited to the position of Captain.  He is in charge of the training for all the team members.  He schedules monthly training for the staff and schedules all required ongoing training of our team members. Captain Kissh is also a direct contact for all team members for any questions or concerns.  He is dedicated to making sure that Boyceville EMS is a professionally run service. In 2013 he became certified as Tactical Emergency Medical Technician (TEMS).  Captain Kissh has served over seas for our military. He is a Sergeant 1st class for the U.S.  Army Reserves 652nd Engineers out of Hammond, WI. Andy is a Firefighter/ Paramedic for Menomonie Fire Department and serves as a Dunn County 1st Responder.  Captain Kissh is licensed to the EMT Paramedic level of care.

 Captain Shanna Knops

Captain Shanna Knops has been with Boyceville EMS since 2011.  She started as a EMT-Basic and continued onto her Advanced EMT license. In 2016 she was appointed to the the position of Captain. She is the agencies American Heart Association site coordinator for our CPR, AED, and 1st Aid training classes.  In addition to the AHA coordinator she is our grant proposal writer. She is also the Assistant Director of the Dunn County 1st Responders and has been a 1st Responder since 2010.  She also works full time at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center and has been there since 2000.  She is married to Danny Knops, who is an Assistant Chief with Boyceville Fire District.  Her hobbies include hunting, dirt track races, antiques, running, and spending time with family and friends.

EMS Team Members

Patrick Best

Patrick was hired in March of 2014. Patrick has been an EMT-Basic since 2013 and completed his EMT schooling with the U.S. Army’s 100th Division at Fort Knox in Kentucky. He is also a Combat Medic for the 135th Area Support Medical Company in Waukesha. Patrick has been involved in medical missions, including two to Mozambique and South Africa. Patrick recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, with a degree in Applied Science and a concentration in Biotechnology. He has been accepted to medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and will start his education to become a doctor in July of 2018. Patrick is licensed to the Advanced EMT level of care.


Adam McCulloch 

CA1A0452Adam has been interested in firefighting and EMS since he was a child.  He decided to make it his career in the fall of 2013 when he registered for the EMT-Basic class during the spring of 2014, while he was a junior in high school.  Adam was hired on his birthday, in November of 2014. Being certified to the Fire II level, as well as a Paramedic, Adam works full time for the city of Menomonie as a FireMedic.  Adam is an active First Responder for Dunn County, mostly responding to calls in the central and southern regions of the county. He is licensed to the EMT-Paramedic level of care.



Marc Monette

CA1A0454Mr. Marc Monette has been employed by Boyceville EMS since August of 2015.  He initially entered EMS in January of 2014 when he took his EMT Basic class at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Rice Lake WI. Marc is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout pursuing a degree in Psychology. His future goals in healthcare include graduating from Physician Assistant School to become a PA. Marc has also served our country, being active Army from 2010-2013, and is licensed to the EMT-Basic level of care.



Katie Bovee

CA1A0446Ms. Katie Bovee has been employed by Boyceville EMS since November of 2015. She first got into EMS when she took her First Responder course in 2009 in Finland MN with Lake County EMS, and the Wilderness First Responder course in 2011. She then took her EMT-Basic course during the summer of 2015 at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. Her current occupation outside of EMS is as an Outdoor Educator for Lake Country School. Though she is in training status, she will soon be a non-probationary member of the department. Katie is licensed to the EMT-Basic level of care.   



Chandler Erickson

Mr. Chandler Erickson entered EMS in January of 2016. He completed all of his EMS education at WITC in Rice Lake. He was hired by Boyceville EMS in April of 2016 as an EMT-Basic. Chandler has been a member of Dallas Souix Area Ambulance, and works part time for a construction company in Prairie Farm as a Heavy Equipment Operator. He enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking, hunting, and pretty much anything EMS or Fire Department relate. He is licensed to the EMT-Basic level of care. 



Nicole Burrington

Mrs. Nicole Burrington has been an EMT since 2014, and a member of our team since February of 2015. She has served in our nation’s Navy from 1999-2003 as an Aviation Mechanic. In her free time, Nicole likes to spend time with her husband and two children as well as cooking, canning, and baking. Nicole is licensed to the EMT-Basic level of care.







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